Monday, June 27, 2016


Been keeping a few craft projects on the back burner - maybe a little too long. But I finally got around to one this past weekend.

I’ve wanted to embellish a small rug for some time. The project was a remake of the rug in the entry of the living room. It was an indoor/outdoor woven rug – a dollar store find. And as such, after the first wash, it looked wrinkled and cheap, something of an eyesore.

I knew that, with a little work, I could make that jute rug look like a prize item for my living room.  I wanted the rug to weigh more so that it would stay put and to have some colors that coordinated with the round crocheted rug (an earlier project)  in front of my sofa in blue, red, gray, and black. I found what I needed in my stash of yarns.
A small entryway rug with a rustic design.
The rug’s material is a natural jute fiber, not-so-thick about 2 mm. It was a monochrome dull brown weave and had tassels in the same material. Its measurements were 30X15 inches (plus tassels). After crocheting three rounds, it was just a bit larger, about 32x17 inches. Tassels were removed.
If you want to make a rug like this one, here’s what you’ll need:

    - Small solid colored jute rug or one of some other  natural fiber

    - A pattern in mind. (Could be super simple like what I did)
    - Several colors of medium-weight or heavier yarn (best if used doubled or tripled)
    - Crochet hook
    - Yarn needle
    - Scissors

About my design:

I did three rounds of simple crochet. The first was a heavy, fuzzy yarn in gray, white, and black. The second and third rows were doubled-up strands of blue and black.

Since the little rug already had a definite pattern in its weave, I decided to follow the existing lines for my yarn stitching.
I made four long rows of straight stitches with double blue yarn (using the yarn needle) and  four more rows in double red insides the blue rows.

The result was something I liked, and I’ve already placed it in the living room in front of the door. It's almost too nice to use as a foot-wipe.

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