Monday, August 27, 2012


In magazines, I’d seen some gorgeous collages that were framed and put up on the wall. I decided to make an easy one. I had a set of colorful paper doves from the dollar store sitting in my closet for months on end, waiting for some inspiration to use them. It didn’t take me long to remember them just lying around gathering dust. I knew that they would be a great elements for the collage I planned to make.

I wanted my collage to be simple, bright colored and inspiring. So, I came up with the idea. Doves are evocative as heralds of peace and also of change. So, the doves were for peace – a bedroom needs that - and the placement of the doves would be in something of a circle. That would reflect my idea of change – the transformation that I looked for would bring more energy and strength into my life.

I had an old, wood picture frame that I purchased at the thrift store. So, that was the inspiration for size. I took a pre-cut mat (16" X 20") for the frame, set out four colorful doves on four contrasting sheets of poster boards, and cut the sheets just the right size to fit. So, with scissors, paste, and some design thought, the picture “produced itself” in a matter of minutes.

My wall collage turned out really nice, and it brightens up the corner of the otherwise beige wall in my bedroom. The doves continue to inspire me.

How to make your collage
Choose a frame (or frame size if you still haven’t found the one you want).

Select a background color. In my collage there was no background. There was just the surrounding off-white mat - a neutral color so that the bright poster board would stand out.

Take 4 (or more) colorful poster boards (could also be pieces of felt) in bright colors and cut them up so that they fit in the frame or mat. These pieces can be rectangular, as mine were, or a different shape, depending on your design.

Glue down the pieces.

Choose a repeating theme that fits well to go in each rectangle. Just as mine were doves, yours could be butterflies, inspiring words, or hearts, leaves, flowers, etc. The materials for your theme can be paper cut-outs, foam shapes, large decals, paint stenciled items, etc.

Glue down the theme items.

Put the collage in the picture frame and up on the wall.

Enjoy your wall decoration. This collage makes a great gift. If it's a housewarming gift, you can use words such “home,” “family,” and “love” - all in English or in a few different languages.

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