Saturday, July 18, 2009


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Anonymous said...

Oh yes, little sister. I do remember Dad's garden. After the age of twelve, I was the one who went with Dad on Saturday morning to weed, water and tend the garden. Mother would never get up on Saturday morning. Remember our weekly egg sandwiches for breakfast? Dad really became quite a good cook in his later years, but you and I were relegated to hot dogs and egg sandwiches growing up.
I laughed about the newest hot dog scare. Warning labels? Our whole family would have died out completely if you can die from hot dog consumption. Remember the picnics in the back yard at Grandma's and dozens of hot dogs from what you called the Green Pig. It was really the Gold Dome. We all decided not to correct you as the name you chose was much more fitting for this establishment. Gold Dome promted visions of something much more lofty.
I went back to our old house last month. The front porch is enclosed and our garage is gone.
Taking a chance of being shot or ,at the least, arrested, I walked into our back yard. Mother's clothes lines are gone but the garden prevails. There are no black berries on the fence and our Honey Suckle is no more. There are a few tomato plants right where Daddy had his garden.
Memories of you and I planting tomatoes in buckets on the patio, with Dad sitting in his wheel chair floated through my mind. He never did give up wanting a garden.